Get a Better Night's Sleep

Sleep is where the body is able to rest, recover and is vital for our overall wellbeing. How can we do better in the bedroom to optimise our sleep and get the most out of our night? We listened to the popular podcast "The Huberman Lab" for you, where Dr Matthew Walker, a sleep scientist drops all the details on how to sleep better.

“Sleep is the Swiss army knife of health. Whatever ailment you face, it’s more than likely that sleep has a tool in its toolbox that can fix it.”

Our Environment

  • Keep sleep environment cool and dim lit
  • Keep technology out of the bedroom, try phones out of the room and out of reach, reduce screen time at least 30 minutes before bed time


  • Upon waking get as much light as possible
  • Viewing direct morning sunlight within 30-60 minutes of waking will help you fall asleep and stay asleep at night, and optimize cortisol & adenosine levels
  • Our sleep cycles can be impacted if you stay indoors and not get any natural light
  • Taper artificial light in the afternoon


  • Limiting caffeine 8-10 hours before sleeping
  • Delay for 90 minutes after rising
  • Caffeine works by blocking adenosine (the hormone which makes us sleepy), we often get that caffeine crash when the level of adenosine we supressed comes rushing in
  • Limit to 2-3 cups per day


  • Nothing is wrong with a mid day snooze, IF it doesn’t impact your sleep routine.
  • If you are dying for a nap, few things to remember:
  • Keep them brief 20-25 minutes
  • Take the nap 7-8 hours before you want to sleep


Other Considerations

  • - Keep sleep and wake schedule consistent, 7 days a week!
  • - Eating first thing in the morning helps set and train the circadian clock
  • - Taking a warm shower or bath to drop body temperature to make it easier to fall asleep


Improved sleep is one of the most common benefits we see from chiropractic. Often clients report that they have noticed an improved quality of sleep, waking up feeling more refreshed, pain no longer waking them and that they feel more energised throughout the day.

It is clear that sleep is a a serious component to consider when we want to optimise our health. So begin to implement at least one or two of the above tips and tricks and see how all areas of sleep improve!