Keeping the Life in your Years: tips to keep your spine healthy as you age

As we get older our bodies go through certain changes. Some of these we are all familiar with, but did you know that your spine can change with the years?



Over time, our spine can lose thickness and elasticity. Our shock-absorbing discs between our vertebrae can reduce in size, becoming less protective. These changes make us more vulnerable to injury.

 There are things we can do as we get older to protect our spine and our health. Here are our top tips for keeping the life in your years:


Movement is Life.

Keeping active as we age is essential. Being active improves our bone health, circulation and even our immune system. Activity improves our mobility, tone and flexibility, and can help improve balance. It is also beneficial for our mental health!


Exercise doesn’t need to be a pain. Before starting a new exercise regime, check in with your chiropractor for advice, and start slowly. Walking and swimming are great low impact options. Classes such as tai chi or yoga, or group-based exercises can help keep you motivated as well as being social.


Straighten Up.

Our posture affects the health of our spine. Staying in poor posture, for example prolonged sitting slouched forward, can put incorrect loading through our spine and stress the joints.


Regularly changing position can help, such as getting up and walking or stretching every half hour. Putting reminders on your phone to stretch or check your posture can be beneficial. If you are sitting for a long period of time, investing in a stand-up desk and a good ergonomic chair can make all the difference.


Getting regular check-ups from your chiropractor helps maintain good posture and ensure your spine is moving correctly.



Correct stretching is important to maintain flexibility, improve mobility and relieve stiff muscles. It can also help with stability! Always stretch on both sides, and ensure correct technique – overstretching can cause pain. Consult your chiropractor as to which stretches are best for you, and to check in that you are performing them correctly.


Need more help? Call our office for an appointment and give yourself the gift of good spinal health today.


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