Kids love Chiro too!

Your child has likely been having regular chiropractic check-ups for a while now – great! If they haven’t yet been in for a visit, or it’s been awhile since they last saw us, here are some great times and reasons for a chiropractic check-up.

Post-birth: the statistics show that 70% of babies suffer some form of neuromusculoskeletal injury during a normal, natural birth! Our Chiropractor’s are trained to care for children at all ages and provide gentle care to get them back on track.  
6mo-4yo: as children are learning and developing, their brains, sensory and motor systems are going through massive changes. Poor spinal function affects nervous system function. Trauma is big and small, one off or repetitive. Spinal health may be affected by knocks, falls and bumps, including falls off the change table, hitting their head on corners, and trips down stairs. Children should always be examined after major trauma such as a motor vehicle accident.
5yo: a developmental assessment prior to your child starting school is an excellent idea. If we detect that they might not be quite at the level they should, we have some time to help bring their function up. 
School aged: similar to your younger child, getting checked post trauma is always important. Think falls off the monkey bars, a ball to the head in sports, or any decent head knock. If you spot a lack of balance in dancing or gym classes, we can assess their motor control, and help them get back on track. 
9-10yo: Scoliosis checks are advised, especially for girls just prior to puberty. This is the time when progression of spinal curve can accelerate, hence scoliosis needs to be identified and management put into place. 
Adolescents:as children enter high school, an excellent time for their adjustment is prior to big tests or exams. Having a body off balance uses up energy that should be available for their higher brain functions such as memory and focus. Adjustments have also been shown to improve muscle strength and precision, meaning a check-up before big sports events and competitions will help them perform at their best!
We absolutely love caring for kids at our practice, and all of our chiropractors have done considerable post-graduate paediatric training. To book your child in for an initial assessment or a regular check-up, please call the practice. If you would like to discuss your child with one of our chiropractors and see if Chiropractic is right for them, please give us a call!

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