Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts!

Our body goes through many remarkable changes during pregnancy – after all, you are growing a little human – and our spine and nervous system change and adapt along the way! As the body changes, so do some of our daily habits and actions need to change to support our spine and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy experience. Here are some common ones to help you along the way!


  • - Get checked by your Chiropractor! We will perform a thorough history and physical examination, discuss your goals and provide an individual plan to help with common pregnancy symptoms and discomfort such as low back pain and sciatica
  • - Exercise - it’s a no brainer! If you are accustomed to exercise pre-pregnancy, you can continue, just listen to your body and modify as needed. If you are unsure, ask us for resources and extra help, we have lots of connections and resources (both paid and free) to help you stay moving.
  • - Pregnancy-specific massage, acupuncture, yoga, Pilates… be proactive and work on wellness
  • - Pelvic rocking and pelvic figure-of-8’s exercises. Keep that pelvis moving and mobile (especially for those of us that sit at a desk!)
  • - Stretch your pelvic muscles, especially your psoas (hip flexors)



  • - Crossing legs, high heels, things which might put unnecessary strain through the pelvis
  • - Carrying your toddler on your hip. It might be hard or slower, but encourage them to walk, encourage them to climb into their car seat (safely and with some assistance)… keep the one-sided pressure off your pelvis
  • - Sit for a sustained period of time. The best posture is the next posture!
  • - Don’t wear a bra which restricts your rib cage – see our previous email for more details as to why!


For more specific pregnancy information and exercises have a chat to your chiropractor

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