Why you shouldn't crack your own neck

We often hear patients say “well normally I can crack it myself and it feels better”. Whilst this may be the case, what you may not realise is there are plenty of good reasons to leave this job to the experts!


girl neck pain cracking neck


Your neck is made up of many different structures, some of which are more delicate than others, including your veins and arteries, your nerves and your spinal cord.


When you hear the “crack”, this is made from your joints – between your joints there is a little capsule filled with fluid, called a synovial joint. It is the shearing forces in this fluid that creates the “pop” sound.


Force is needed to create this pop, as well as a push in a certain direction. When your chiropractor does this, it is after 5 years of university training, plus clinical experience, firstly to ensure it is safe to do so and secondly done in the right direction on a specific segment.


When you do it yourself, you risk putting in too much force, or “cracking” the wrong spot, putting yourself in a worse position than when you started.


Even if it makes you feel better, it is likely that you are doing this several times a day to relieve neck pain or stiffness. A chiropractic adjustment may provide relief for much longer.


Adjustments of the neck should only be performed by a qualified health professional. Put your health in good hands! Click “contact us” on the Home page to speak to us about an appointment.


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