Your child has bow legs - can we help?

Your child has bow legs - can we help? This is not uncommon in kids under 2 years of age.

What do we do?
It is important to carefully examine the pelvis, spine and lower limb in these children. It is considered the vast majority of children brought to chiropractors with either a varus (bow legs) or valgus (knock knees) ‘deformity’ fall within the range of normal physiological development.
It is also just as important to be aware that not all cases are physiological (normal). Persistence outside the normal development age range, (or perhaps the presence of other signs and symptoms) may indicate the need for further testing.

Age Guidelines
Different age groups may have different problems appear. It is important to look at the shape of the foot, for torsion in the lower leg or thigh and hip to assess where the bow is coming from. This may help to determine if it is normal or not. Foot problems are more common in children less than 18 months old, and leg and thigh/hip in older children.

Please note: The W-sitting posture may indicate a child who has inward femoral torsion and we can assess for this.  This type of posture may also indicate a hypotonic child, as this is a posture which requires the least amount of energy and is therefore often favoured by the child with tone issues. This needs to be ruled out. 
As parents we need to observe the way our child moves as well as the alignment of their body. At Marslen Chiropractic Centre our chiropractors have extensive post-graduate training in chiropractic paediatrics and love looking after children.

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