Pregnancy and Chiropractic

At Marslen Chiro we are often heading off to seminars to further our knowledge and hone our skills, and last weekend was all about pregnancy adjusting! Did you know that all of our Chiros regularly look after pregnant women? And for good reason!

Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a wonderful drug-free way to support the balance, function and spines of our mums-to-be. Many remarkable changes take place over the course of pregnancy, and chiropractic care is aimed at helping our mums have an enjoyable and comfortable pregnancy! 
Chiropractic can also help with pain and dysfunction during pregnancy, in a natural, drug-free way. Many of the common “pregnancy symptoms” can respond well to chiropractic care, such as sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, headaches, low back pain and pubic symphysis pain. We have many different techniques and methods to keep our mums comfortable whilst working for an optimal outcome. 
How do Chiros look after pregnancy? 
During pregnancy we are able to use all of our usual techniques, with some small modifications. As the baby grows, we change our methods and tools to suit the mothers’ body and needs. For example we have pregnancy pillows, allowing the mother to lie face down on the table without putting pressure through her belly (very often our mums want to stay in them, they’re so comfy!). 
Common pregnancy care includes pelvic adjustments, ligament release, muscle work, rib and pubic symphysis adjustments. These are modified for pregnancy, and can be necessary due to anatomical and functional changes. For example, as the baby grows and the uterus expands, the organs move up and away. Our rib cage should expand out and up to help accommodate this and enable us to breathe normally. However, if rib and/or spinal joints are restricted, or if a woman is wearing a too-tight bra, sports bra or crop top, the ribs won’t expand properly. Specific rib and thoracic adjustments can be very beneficial. 
What else do we do?
Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Our primary role is to check and maintain your spinal health. We also discuss nutrition and dietary basics, give stretches and strengthening exercises as needed, and offer lifestyle, sleep, and exercise advice. We have a wide network of all sorts of practitioners who we can recommend to you when necessary. In short, we help support you during your pregnancy!
Have questions? Feel free to give us a call at the practice and ask to chat to one of our chiropractors! If you have any family or friends who are pregnant and would benefit from this information, please forward them this email 

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